Thank You to Our Supporters

Towne Properties (Founding Sponsor)

Neil Bortz with Towne Properties has been an adamant supporter of the RiverSpan efforts.
He understands how a region's national and international reputation can be directly attributed
to that region's affiliation and support of the Arts. The Greater Cincinnati region is a much better place
to live with a visionary of his caliber at the helm of such an important development firm.
Thank you for your continued support.


Mr. Mike Dever (Founding Sponsor)

Mike Dever is a visionary who has never waivered from
his belief and support of the RiverSpan Group's efforts to
bring an international fine arts event to the region.
He wholeheartedly believes an international fine art
event of this caliber enriches the entire region.
His strength is our strength.
Thank you for your continued commitment.


Mr. Marilyn and Martin Wade (Founding Sponsor)

The Wade's are supporters of anything creative and exciting
in the region. They are wonderful people with a sincere
willingness to extend support for the arts.
Their commitment to the RiverSpan project is very much appreciated.
Thank you for your continued support.


Mr. Tom Schwartz (Founding Sponsor)

Tom Schwartz is a man of high standards when it comes to the finer aspects of life. His casual demeanor belies his passion for the arts and architecture. We truly appreciate his involvement as a Founding Sponsor and are thankful of his continued support of the RiverSpan project.


Mr. Mike Hyzdu (Founding Sponsor)

Hyzdu Wealth Management Group UBS Financial Services Inc.

Mike Hyzdu was the first to throw his support behind the RiverSpan project. He is a man who understands the intrinsic value of the arts to our lives. RiverSpan is very thankful to Mr. & Mrs. Hyzdu for their continued support of the RiverSpan experience.


Mr. Bruce Olson (Founding Sponsor)

As a sculptor, artist representative, fine art broker and consultant for over 30 years, it was Mr. Olson's passionate commitment to the RiverSpan concept that has aligned the other supporters to bring this event from concept to reality. This event would not have happened if it were not for the efforts of Mr. Olson.

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